About Us

Welcome to Nellie's Wax Shop we are a family run business in the heart of Norfolk providing highly scented wax melts with love, care and a dash of sparkle. 

What do we do?

Nellie's Wax Shop supplies beautifully handcrafted and highly scented wax melts providing up to an incredible 70 hours scent per bar! 

What is a wax melt?

For those of you that are yet to discover wax melts, they are scented segments of wax similar to candles but without the wick! Using an electric or tea light burner you simply pop a cube or two of your wax melt and place it on the top of the burner, as it melts it will release a beautiful aroma to fill your home! Once the scent has gone or you just simply fancy changing you can just melt your wax for a minute and slide it out a discard it in the bin.

We are very excited and cannot wait for you all to experience the true luxury of our wax melts.